Love is a dangerous thing, and I’m not talking about a one night fling. The kind of love that makes you sing, when what you want on her hand is a ring. But when it goes sour, you loose all your power, I guess you could say you are but a flower. 

Love has become twisted in modern society. Many people will think about money first when they are interested in a relationship because they shallow enough to not love someone unconditionally. I think that love should become sacred once again, and discourage these 13 year olds that claim to be “in love” on facebook. It is disturbing to be because so much emphasis is placed on fairytale love in the media and I believe that it makes peoples expectations way too high. Making the needy girls needier and the sub par boys well… well below average. The concept that your love life must consist of attractive people is not what we should be teaching our youth. I feel like the meaning of love has diminished and become a commonly accepted term even applied to people you may barely know.

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College is full of distractions, but it can be the lack of distractions that hurts the college student the most. Many of the students and friends that I have spoken to are not happy at college, including myself. Pressure from school, social lives, and parents all come together to create a very stressful and unpleasant experience. College was made out to be this wonderful and fun thing, but in actuality it is a terrible experience for a lot of us. Maybe its just that some of us are not ready for it, but i personally do not think it is fun to go out and get drunk every night. Now, there are activities and such things on campus, but if you dont really like to get involved, the social scene is very dull. There is very little alone time, and for us thinkers… this is very distressing. Also, if you dont see a reason why you want to be in college other than getting a good job i dont think you should stay in college. There are some classes I genuinely enjoy, and there are others that I loathe. At this point in life i struggle to see a point in putting yourself through something like this just to get a piece of paper that states that you put a lot of time into something you might not even be interested in.

I personally want something more out of life, and everyone seems to think college is the answer. I dont know how everyone does it, but i just do not feel like it is for me. I take pleasure in the little things in life, not an endless grind to get a diploma

Our Paranoid Lives

Everyone is conforming to something. Our very thoughts and personality is all an attempt to either fit in, or an attempt to not fit in. People just need to find something that they love to do an do it. 

My personal endeavor I have chosen to obsess myself with is World of Warcraft. In that world I can be whoever I want to be and not have to worry about acting like someone I’m not.

Today’s social setting is a horrid and painful place. The pressure of being popular or accepted is a constant worry for people. Its all because we worry about other people’s opinion of us. To escape this crazy cycle one would have to not care about the way others see us, which is basically social suicide.

When someone steps outside of the social norm, they are either considered cool or weird. For people who dont want to be someone they are not, this causes them to be ostracized and looked down upon.

A this point I have no interest in making any new friends or even going out and “having fun”. For me, sitting alone in my room and playing video games is whats fun, but other people make me feel like I’m doing something WRONG. What could possibly be wrong with something that a person loves to do?

A side effect of this is that I am always down on myself  and this eventually leads to depression. I have met a lot of kids lately who have said they are sad or depressed. It isnt their fault, they are just victims of the current social scene.

Our society is backwards. 

Our World (of Warcraft)

Not many people can appreciate the feeling of looking at the clock and realizing that it is 4:30 in the morning and you have been sitting at your desk since 5 the day before. In the World of Warcraft, this is what it is all about. The endless hours of attempting bosses, the hundreds of events missed, the pile of homework piled on my desk all sum up my dedication to this game. Its not really even a game anymore. It is my passion and something I will never give up. Being a part of something big(although fictional) just makes one feel like they have a purpose in life. 

Many kids these days are bombarded with assignments and stress. A good amount never even have a real childhood. Their lives are consumed by ambitions and hard work and sports. This might seem like a good thing, but for people to be happy they have to find something that actually makes them happy. World of Warcraft allows you to apply your talents and receive positive, instant feedback. 

While you may argue that the mounds of unfinished homework are not a good thing, to a WoW player it is almost a badge of honor. We play as hard and as often as we can, and if our real lives take a hit then so be it. We are truly dedicating ourselves to something, which most people cannot say that they do. We may even live shorter lives from the countless mountain dews, hot pockets, and smoke breaks. However our lives are so much richer then anyone else’s because we have a focus in life that makes us happy.

I am not saying that World of Warcraft is for everyone, but the concept that you should take pleasure in the smaller things in life is key. Being bored in a dorm room watching tv sounds terrible compared to when you are bored in WoW. In WoW, when you are bored you fly around on huge dragons and kill things. THIS is not very boring. 

World of Warcraft I feel also builds character. I personally apply my leadership skills from leading raids in WoW to real life. I am much more confident talking to new people because I speak to strangers every night.

World of Warcraft has a terrible reputation as a stupid video game. But it isnt a video game. Its a way of life. 

blog post #1 - A View on the School System

The American education system is horribly messed up. Teachers are paid very little, and not respected. In high school, teacher’s salaries are shockingly low. I think that teachers should be getting lots of money because they are after all teaching the next generation. Without good and motivated teachers, there will be no progress. Also, students are learning for all the wrong reasons. We should learn for the sake of knowledge and advancement in the areas we are interested in. We should not be pursuing an education just to make more money in the future. Students should not resent class and their teachers simply because they do not like the class; they should not have to take a class they have no interest in in the first place. We as a learning community should become experts in a certain field and use our knowledge to help others and pursue our personal interests and ambitions. Money is destroying the essence of why we learn. We should be learning just because of curiosity, not a salary. 

I would also like to address the discrimination of people who either don’t memorize well. I personally can not remember stuff i try and memorize. When test day rolls around I am always at a loss when the test asks me for dates and such. However i feel that i have a better grasp of the concepts we are working on in class than everyone else, shown in my classroom discussions.

Finally, certain kids need to be given some slack. High school is a time for firsts, and everyone deserves to mess up at some point. For me personally, a girl brought my grades down significantly. Some people just don’t react well to emotional disturbances. I do not feel like a person should be tested and graded when they are at their worst. Emotions get in the way of learning, and emotions are just a part of life.

My suggestion is that we just take a step back and look at what is really important. We shouldn’t take life so seriously, and relax. School should be something we look forward to, not dread our entire lives.

"never let go of the cowboy inside
or you’ll die in your high school days” - Say Anything


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Hey. so im starting my blog back up and im working on a few side projects. YES i am angsty. and YES that is what this blog is all about……………………………………………………………………


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Nothing will ever go as planned or hoped, but plans are necessary to know what not to do next time.  -W. Eric Wilds

Something to learn

One thing that must be learned in life is that if you cannot forget or overcome an idea, matter, or happening, life will continue on- without you. Nothing will ever go according to plans; life is precisely what happens WHILE you make those plans. Life stops for no one and no thing. Reflection on something is always fine, and recommended, but there is quite a difference between reflecting and dwelling. Leave behind and start anew, or continue on, limping.

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Monsters Get Slain by Ghost Mice

This song has a lot of personal meaning to me. Ive changed a lot over the past few months/years and I really appreciate the help that I received. 

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So. Here I am. We will be posting again in the near future! Thank you to all of the people that will actually read this blog. It means a lot to me. So…. make sure you check back here every once in a while! :)


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Ghost Mice

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Hey, my name is JJ…I’m the guy with his arms spread wide alongside my fellow China travelers Paul (left) and Ben (center) in the summer of ‘09. 

This is a blog… obviously… and I started posting my poems here several months ago. Eric soon joined the blog and shares with us his talented offerings of wit and wisdom. 

As for me…I am taking a short break…a creative  destruction and rebirth….for these are better days…I’m gonna walk away for good from the petty ideas, people and things….that can bind the weak…or distract the strong from soaring. I will be back here soon to once again pursue the power of words and poetry…along with the solace that writing brings.  Meanwhile…Eric’s works will remain on full display…he is a man of strength and style… enjoy….peace……JJ